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10. 12. 2018
We have published the Government debt securities issues and auction calendar for year 2019. More
04. 12. 2018
From Monday, December 4, 2018, the new analytical part of Debt and Liquidity Management Agency web site is active. More
03. 12. 2018
We have published the Monthly Report about the ARDAL´s activities, which includes summary of government securities as of 30 November 2018 and outlook for December 2018. More
28. 11. 2018
The issuance of government securities in 2018 was completed. The next auction will take place on 21 January 2019. More
27. 11. 2018
Annoucement to Primary Dealers. The regular annual meeting of Primary Dealers takes place on Friday, 7th of December 2018 at 1.00 pm CET. More
19. 11. 2018
The next auction of the State Treasury Bills, T-Bills 16 C, will take place on Monday 26 November 2018. More
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